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Diary Of A Real Boy – NonFiction Humor

| December 5, 2012 | 0 Comments

Innocent mischief and
hilarious situations.

Join Plumpy and his pals Beany and Pewt as they cause rawkus shenanigans, hunt frogs, try cigars, get in trouble at school and learn lessons in life.

Real stories from a real boy’s point of view.

Great Books Alive is proud to present this professional, high quality spoken performance in the form of an audio book.

This is not fiction!

This hilarious story of real life is from the actual daily diary of a year in an American boy’s life growing up in a time of mischievious innocence.

Wonderfully performed and adapted for today’s audiences.

The Boy is brought to life and voiced with a great performance
by the young voice actor Misun.

A truly hilarious and real performance and not just a reading. Young and old alike will delight in the adventures and tales of this slice of such a funny tale of a boy’s life.

diary_of_a_real_boy_400x300_bannerA great amount of work went into creating this work. It is a performance piece where the boy comes alive. His personality lives for you and the stories and situation are very funny. From his experiences at school and at home, his interactions with his best friends “Pewt” and “Beany” to his innocent yet naughty actions that would make anyone laugh out loud. Getting in trouble at school, getting a horse, his attitude about girls and learning to swim. Everyone can relate to this boy.

In the year 1901, soon to be well known author Henry Shute was cleaning out an old shed behind his boyhood home. He found a curious box with hand made hindges of leather and wrapped with bailing wire. He had seen this box decades before because it was he who made it. What treasures would he find inside?

The box contained many items a boy would consider valuable. Among them was a paper tablet, still intact. It was the year long diary which his father had urged him to keep in the post Civil War year of 1868.


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