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The Radio Interview Coach ~ an overview

| September 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

The Radio Interview Coach ~ an overview

The Radio Interview Coach is a valuable service to those who are new and not so new to participating in broadcast and radio interviews. An interesting and valuable way to accelerate your knowledge and success.

The Radio Interview Coach is Nashville based Media Producer Tony Rollo who has vast experience on both sides of the microphone and communication lines. A great portion of his professional life consists of interviewing interesting people on film and for broadcasts who are seasoned interview professionals and some who are not necessarily professional interviewees for projects ranging from radio programs to feature documentary movies.

The tables were turned when he participated in his first national network interview back in the early 1990s where he was the one interviewed. He realized it is an altogether different experience being interviewed rather than being the one asking the questions behind the microphone.

  • Jump far ahead by learning from experience –

    Tony Rollo has a great experience in radio reaching back to the 1970s. He went on to do newscasts, drive-time announcing and specialty programs on AM and FM alike. Eventually producing and hosting radio shows where he conducted live on air interviews and on location recorded interviews with about every rock star you could possibly think of.

    film-interview-setTony Rollo also creates feature documentaries. A large part of this work includes interviewing many subjects from famous drag racing stars to the navigator of the historic USS Nautilus who helped guide the first submarine across the North Pole.

    Tony has a particular style a putting subjects at ease who are not professional talkers.

    The real need is for authors, consultants and others who desire to begin or improve on their communication skills being interviewed.

    The Radio Interview Coach with Tony Rollo is designed to meet this great need for learning to master and excel as an expert guest in broadcasting, recording and film. You will benefit greatly as you learn secrets to apply to your own success.

    Everyday talking may come natural to many but something happens when that “on the air” light goes on.

    Tony Rollo found himself coaching those he was interviewing during commercial breaks on the radio. Also finding ways to put subjects at ease and helping them be more concise while making them forget all the lights, cameras and action that was taking place around them.

    The reason for creating The Radio Interview Coach is quite simple: Tony Rollo likes to help others succeed.

    He says, “If you succeed in what you do, then that success contributes to the success of us all.”


  • How Does The Radio Interview Coach with Tony Rollo
    work for you ?

    You could be an author, consultant or someone with a valuable service to share that would benefit many people. Of course you would benefit from the additional business income if people could become aware of you and what you provide.

    You already know how valuable the opportunity of being a guest on a broadcast program can be. Being confident, mastering the methods and being comfortable in a live broadcast situation is the great need in order to advance as an expert guest.

    Doing a call-in to a live radio show can be likened to being a football player who was just passed the football and turning to see several huge opposing players bearing down on you. It takes training and quick thinking to avoid obstacles and reach the goal.

    Learning to be a great guest in a live situation or even a prerecorded live interview is not unlike learning to play a musical instrument. An experienced teacher allows the student to quickly jump ahead and master the basics and become proficient much faster.

    What you can expect from a session with The Interview Coach –

    Individualized one on one – Training interview recording with provided copy to you –
    Workbook included – Edited and inclusion on a real on demand program

  • You will be connected to a real radio interview console system. The sound of your phone will be analyzed and we will work on getting the best sound possible. We may test other telephones you have available for the best quality to use when calling in live to radio.

  • We will work through your method of speaking and making the best first impression. We will work on overcoming your individual problem areas of speaking to achieve the most comfortable, natural and confident method for you.

  • You will gain insight to what will make you the best interview guest you can be. We will work on you gaining confidence and projecting that confidence through your phone. There are many secrets that broadcasters use to project confidence. You will learn these.

  • After around a half hour into your session, we will record an actual interview session. We can stop and work on points needing attention as needed. You will receive a copy of the raw audio from this interview. This will be of great value for you to learn from without jumping in cold with both feet into the deep end of a live situation where mistakes could cost you return invitations or at the very least professional embarrassment.

  • Your interview will be edited for an on demand broadcast on a real show such as The Spectrum Radio or The American Age Radio depending of your subject matter as it fits a certain format. This will give you an advantage of demonstrating yourself at your best on a real interview program to make bookings on other programs.

  • Your session is tailored to your particular area of needed coaching with one on one attention for one full hour. Several goals will be met tailored personally to your needs.

  • Within the remaining allotted time after the recording, you will be able to have a Q & A period based on what you have learned or other questions you may have. At the end of your initial one hour session, you will have the opportunity for follow-up sessions in the future as you feel the need for.

  • You will receive a digital copy of The Interview Coach Workbook that outlines many points covered in the session and many more valuable points and information about talk radio interviews for your own personal time to study and practice.

  • the-interview-coach-orderAfter your initial one hour session, you will be emailed a copy of the raw interview audio when taken from the recording console and prepared plus your digital copy of The Interview Coach Workbook.

    The Interview Coach is designed to be a tremendous value for promoting your product and service to assist you to become a great expert guest that will be invited back time and time again.

    The cost of your coaching session including the recording and your prepared copy, your copy of The Interview Coach Workbook and an edited version of your recorded interview included in an on demand program is $129.00 ( a 25% prepaid discount is available ) while subsequent voice sessions for Q & A coaching are $35.00 per hour at this time.

    Your session booking can be made through the American Family Mall or you may request a direct Paypal payment if that is more convenient for you by contacting us with our office contact for our Paypal account address to use.

    Once booking your session is made, we will schedule your session at a time of your convenience.



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