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Book Trailer Production

| September 4, 2012 | 1 Comment

Better Quality + Better Value + Better Service + Lower Cost = GBA

We at GBA produce our own titles and promotional materials in support of our titles. We also offer these services to others in the media industry. Our success is measured by value and efficiency.

The following is an overview of our book trailer production and the packages offered.

book-trailer-production-400x300Book Trailer Production

A good book trailer is valuable and a necessity in modern book marketing.

A good book trailer creates interest, drives sales and more than pays for itself.

A bad book trailer, just as inferior editing or a bland cover design drives away potential readers.

And therein lies the brutal axiom of the matter.

While there are certain beliefs we all would desire to adhere to, reality is another matter altogether.

While it is true one cannot judge a book by its cover, people in fact DO judge a book by its cover. And this extends to book trailers, web sites and other promotional materials.

About our surpassing quality and value –

Could you imagine having your book trailer produced by a real feature film producer utilizing the same materials found in
Hollywood productions ?

Having that level of production value while being
competitively affordable ?

GBA_generic_thumbnail_150x150Our book trailers are of great value and are not based on fads or trends.

We are efficient and have great experience.

We create trailers to promote our own media products. Naturally your book trailer should also be of the same quality and value as if we were promoting our own books and media.

Production Packages and Details of Services –

GBA has three set packages for book trailer production designed to give your project the best available quality at the best value. Let our production experience be an asset to you.

great-books-alive-book-trailers-western-holdupOver the years, we have amassed a huge production library. At our finger tips is a reservoir of professional music compositions and film footage of every subject imaginable.

We have in our production library an immense number of object images that seem like a catalog from a national culture museum collection and images of models in just about every situation, clothing, period costumes, ethnicity and age.

Keep in mind that even the most obscure thematic images are probably already in our production library ready to go. This is why your book trailer from Great Books Alive will be superior in quality while at a minimal cost.

Do you have a scene from an American Western novel where the heroine traps a villain in a compromising moment?
Sure – we already have that.
What about a detective mystery set at a 1978 disco where a badly dressed man is found murdered?
Yes – we have that also!

No matter what your fiction or nonfiction book needs to get your message across to potential readers, we have the perfect solution waiting for you.

We are sure to have custom model images already in our possession that will work perfectly with your book trailer production.

GBA Book Trailer Package Details


We always strive to make your book trailer unique and stand out from the competition to help drive your book sales further than you could with a run of the mill promotion.

We work to make the imagery of your book come alive to the potential reader and buyers.

We do this by utilizing the full potential of our production assets.

This includes our images of models, object images and animations.

An important part of a successful production is when all assets work in harmony.

Not to just throw in a lot of pizazz just for the sake of it. You wouldn’t use every word in the dictionary just for the sake of showing off your word prowess to the detriment of your story, would you?

All sounds, colors and images are combined as a gourmet chef would prepare combinations of flavors to create an appealing meal.

Professional Voice Overs are Always Included

All book trailers include professional voice overs and licensed music soundtrack.

Once you order a book trailer package, we will contact you via email with a checklist in order to provide us with information and materials for your book trailer production.
1) You will provide information about your book including cover graphics.

2) You will provide a script for the prompts for the voice over.

A “prompt” is a line of text for the voice over.

For example: “Why would a king want to have his own son murdered?”

For GOLD and DIAMOND packages, assistance in your script if needed will be provided in the pre-production voice session.

3) You will receive a list to select the overall mood.

The “mood” will determine the music selected and the tone of delivery for the voice over.

For example: “Upbeat Romantic Comedy” or “Science Fiction Adventure” or “Dramatic Heroic Fantasy” or “Classic Western Drama” …

4) Color will be determined by the color scheme of your book cover.

Pre-Production sessions are included in the GOLD and DIAMOND packages.

Book Trailer Package One ~ The Entre

The Entre is designed for a valuable, effective book trailer for book promotions needing the best, basic introductory book trailer or for first time independent authors on a budget yet need the best quality and value.

book-trailer-production-the-entreThe duration (length) of The Entre book trailer is 30 to 45 seconds. Duration is based on pace.

Pace means your book trailer will be of a proper length that comfortably conveys the message without being rushed or padded out.

Pace is as important as much as the message.

Up to four voice over prompts are included in The Entre book trailer package.

Personal contact that expedites the production is as important to us as it is to you.

Once all materials are received, a brief pre-production call will be made to you from the Producer.

A personal call to you is important for us to gather a proper understanding of the materials you have provided. If you feel additional time is needed to speak to the Producer further, that can be arranged.

CLICK HERE to ORDER The Entre book package – Cost is $127.00 / Prepaid discount available.

Book Trailer Package Two ~ Gold

The Gold level book trailer from Great Books Alive is the professional option at a great value.

One half hour of personal pre-production voice meeting with the Producer included. Additional time can be arranged if you feel there is a need.

All GOLD level book trailer productions include the following:

> Up to eight voice over prompts with edit and mix

book-trailer-production-great-books-alive-clock-gears> Custom music edit instrument mix

> Special visuals with motion edit

> Custom text – extended font design

> Motion animation effects tastefully applied

> 48kHz mastered audio ( DVD quality )

> Wide screen aspect ratio ( anamorphic or 16×9 )

> Optimized and installed onto Youtube with SEO optimization

> Embed code provided for web sites and social networks optimized with no ads or related links

> Color correction and full mastering of audio and video

CLICK HERE to ORDER the Gold book trailer package – Cost is $425.00 / Prepaid discount is available.


Book Trailer Package Three ~ Diamond

The Diamond book trailer production package is the premium professional choice. Because we are efficient and experienced with the tremendous assets in our possession, we can provide the quality we create for the great value we offer.

Up to one hour of personal pre-production voice meeting with the Producer is included. Additional time can be arranged if needed. The Production Manager will be listening in and making production notes.

All DIAMOND level book trailer productions include the following:

> All the technical aspects of the Gold level package with greater extended content

> Top quality mastering of audio ( 48kHz ) and video with color correction mastering.

> Up to ten voice over prompts plus help with scripting during pre-production.

> Extended track music editing and mixing ( includes music mastering )

> Live action video segments from our extensive production library ( includes edits )

> Extended motion graphic effects ( text / keying / reveal / lower thirds / etc )

> Special motion animation as tastefully applied as needed

> Sound effects and enhanced sound

> Full mastering of audio and color correction of visuals

> Special color and texture effects

> Wide screen ( anamorphic or 16×9 ) format resolution

CLICK HERE to ORDER Diamond book trailer package – Cost is $1175.00 / Prepaid discount is available.

Custom Book Trailer Production

Specialized productions with original production footage with actors, costumes and props that reflect the characters in your story.

On location and specialized studio live action scenes.

While we are greatly experienced in pre-production planning for efficient logistics, every production calling for specialized creation must be analyzed and estimated in cost and time.

Please contact our office for a book trailer production that calls for more than our set production packages.

We will initiate a production meeting via voice with the Producer and Production Manager.



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