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American Stories – Fiction / Non-Fiction / Humor / Suspense / Drama

| July 4, 2016 | 0 Comments

American Stories - Humor and Heroic

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The Mighty American Art Players presents American Stories Humor and Heroic – original adaptations directed by Nashville producer Tony Rollo. Much more than an audiobook, this collection of original and classic American stories are brought to life with character performances, great music and sound effects.

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Original adaptations of classic American stories of humor from O Henry, Mark Twain, Moziz Adams and Henry Shute. Original works including the tale of suspense with The True Legend Of Tate’s Hell Swamp. A humorous and revealing surprise about Benjamin Franklin.

Mark Twain comes alive and describes humorous lessons while running for governor of New York. A hilarious example of American comedy as a rural businessman attends and then attempts to describe a famous piano concert by Anton Rubinstein in an 1872 New York City concert to his friends at the local barber shop. Stories from the golden age of classic American humor and comedy.

Action and suspense in a true legendary life and death struggle against the elements from Tate’s Hell Swamp in Florida. Comical character performances of real stories from young mischief in rural America in the 19th century. The famous uplifting speech from President Warren G. Harding that inspired generations of Americans.
Tony Rollo Nashville Producer
Much more than an audio book, this two CD set in full studio fidelity will entertain again and again with comedy, drama, humor and suspense. Each American story is brought to life with vivid character actors, masterful music and sound that makes each story live in your mind.

Tony Rollo is a Nashville Producer / Director, Honor Society Thespian Actor and Feature Filmmaker. His Mighty American Art Players are the talented actors and characters that masterfully bring stories to life along with music and sound. His audio productions are crafted to present the listener with a true cinematic experience for the mind and ears.

This Classic Collection of American Stories contains original and classic humor and compelling American works by such authors as Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin and many more. Performed and voiced in multiple uncanny characterizations by Nashville Producer Tony Rollo along with his talented team of actors that make up The Mighty American Art Players.

These classic works of humor and heroic words from our greatest Americans will thrill, inform, inspire and bring laughter to any listener.

Taken from actual texts, these humorous and heroic words will be enjoyed again and again. This two disc audio set is also peppered with several popular original essays by Tony Rollo.

Clever humor and heroic words that made America that is not only side-splitting funny, but inspiring and true to life.

If you love clever, homespun humor like Mark Twain, wisdom from great Americans such as Benjamin Franklin and stories of Americana, you will very much cherish “American Stories”.


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