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Advance Now – The Best of Dr Brown Landone – NonFiction

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Real Stories of Success – Real techniques that work.

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Learn how to put your dreams and ideas into action and make your ideals and dreams become real.

The proven planning process that makes mere ideas and dreams
work for you and become real.

Advance Now – Best Methods of Success

The Best of Dr Brown Landone

The Original Two Disc CD Audio Book Set


Some of the valuable information covered:

Gaining better employment.

Creating your own business.

Making Real Estate pay big.

Gaining and achieving greater sales.

And much, much more valuable insights that work.

A proven process of working through ideas and business models.

Bring your ideas into realities and to make ideas work and succeed as applies to your own life and situations.

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Advance Now The Best of Dr Brown Landone


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Chapter Subjects covered:

Creating a strong will / Improving Memory
Preventing Mistakes

Advancement in jobs / Less time = More money

Increasing value / Useless made valuable
Desires / Ideals

Becoming Super Efficient / Abundance

Building a successful business

Fortunes / The Process of Success

The best business works and techniques taken from original first edition texts by the renowned author, physician and business expert Doctor Brown Landone.

Entertaining and true stories of people from all walks of life and techniques that Dr Brown Landone used in his own success and helped apply to their life. Even the most destitute cases that were turned to great success.

Proven Methods and Techniques that will apply to your life and business success.

advance_now_the_best_of_brown_landone_400x300_bannerDramatically brought to life by Nashville Producer Tony Rollo, this collection of the best of Dr Brown Landone’s works as applied to business will help you as countless others were helped to make success a reality.

How one man went from making a small salary, working many hours in a day and lost in the crowd to creating his own company that quadrupled his income and cut his work hours to just four hours a day.

A real and true story that has worked for many.

How a destitute widow with a failing store turned her situation into creating an entire industry worth millions.

Who goes from a mere company worker among many to be the manager of the company?

How worthless land was made many times more valuable almost overnight.

Successfully handling a crisis.

And many more true examples of success that you can apply to your unique situation in life and business.


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